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Maybelline City Mini Palette – Downtown Sunrise

Today, I’m reviewing the second of my two Maybelline City Mini eyeshadow palettes! This one is Maybelline’s “The City Mini Palette” in Downtown Sunrise. Actual “downtown sunrises” have become part of my daily routine, as the sun’s begun rising later and later. They’re usually more bluish and golden than brown and coral, but whatever. Honestly, this… Read More Maybelline City Mini Palette – Downtown Sunrise


Drugstore Deals: 9/24-9/31

I went through this week’s ads and online coupons to find the following deals, sales, and coupons! Note that you need to have a (free) membership at these stores to take advantage of most deals. I bolded brands that were both on sale and had coupons available. Below, I’ve listed some tips for drugstore shopping: