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Maybelline City Mini Palette – Chill Brunch Neutrals

I picked up two of Maybelline’s new “City Mini” eyeshadow palettes recently! This one is Maybelline’s “The City Mini Palette” in Chill Brunch Neutrals. Out of all the variations of the palette, this is the one I was most drawn to; I love neutrals and plums! I was hoping this would be a nice, inexpensive cool-toned neutral palette.  Alas, the eyeshadows swatched much warmer than they appeared in the pan. 🙁 Keep reading for more photos and thoughts!

Maybelline City Mini Palette

Maybelline City Mini Palette

The packaging here is very bare-bones: a slim, black plastic palette with a clear top. I like that the clear top makes it easy to see what shades are inside, but that means sacrificing a mirror. No brushes were included, nor was there a “well” for them. I rarely use the brushes that come with palettes anyway–not much of a loss for me here. The small size and sturdy packaging makes this palette ideal for traveling, but you’ll need to pack a mirror and brush. The shades don’t have names, but Maybelline has labeled them Base, Lid 1, Lid 2, Crease 1, Crease 2, and Liner.Maybelline City Mini Palette

Maybelline City Mini Brunch Swatches
Base, Lid 1, Lid 2, Crease 1, Crease 2, Liner

The “Base” shade is a matte, cool-toned ivory with a hint of pink. This color was extremely soft and powdery, so be gentle with it! It was essentially invisible on me. Next are two shimmery brown “lid” shades–one more bronze, the other more taupe. These were AMAZING–these swatches are all without primer! Super buttery, smooth, and pigmented.

The first crease shade is another shimmer, this one a medium gold. It was the same A+ quality as the lid shades! The second crease shade is a pink-tinged medium brown, which is lovely to work with. It looks slightly shimmery in the pan, but it applies matte. I like these kinds of colors a lot, as the pink prevents it from pulling too orange on me. Finally, the palette wraps up with a (seemingly) dark plum shimmery eyeshadow. This was the most disappointing to me, because it swatches as a mostly matte, dark brown with only the tiniest hint of purple.

I followed the directions on the palette, applying each shade in its “assigned” area. Using the light pink shade as a base is useless–it used up all the stickiness of my eye primer, so the gorgeous shimmery lid shade didn’t apply very pigmented. The overall look was okay, though–the colors coordinate really well together!

Though this palette was not the cool-toned, purple and taupe product of my dreams, I still ended up liking it and will definitely use it again (just not the base shade). At under $10, this is worth picking up for the shimmers alone–those three shades are BEAUTIFUL.  If you already have a neutral palette, you probably have comparable dupes in your collection.  Still, this would be a nice, slim addition for the frequent traveler; Maybelline did a great job with these City Mini palettes.

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