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Maybelline City Mini Palette – Downtown Sunrise

Today, I’m reviewing the second of my two Maybelline City Mini eyeshadow palettes! This one is Maybelline’s “The City Mini Palette” in Downtown Sunrise. Actual “downtown sunrises” have become part of my daily routine, as the sun’s begun rising later and later. They’re usually more bluish and golden than brown and coral, but whatever. Honestly, this is the kind of palette I would normally avoid–warm tones aren’t my favorite, and I HATE orange. However, they were “Buy One, Get One 50% Off” so I decided to go outside my comfort zone and get this one!  This gamble paid off with an irresistible coral shimmer that totally won my heart.

Maybelline City Mini Downtown Sunrise

Maybelline City Mini Downtown Sunrise

The packaging here is very bare-bones: a slim, black plastic palette with a clear top. I like that the clear top makes it easy to see what shades are inside, but that means sacrificing a mirror. No brushes were included, nor was there a “well” for them. I rarely use the brushes that come with palettes anyway–not much of a loss for me here. The small size and sturdy packaging makes this palette ideal for traveling, but you’ll need to pack a mirror and brush. The shades don’t have names, but Maybelline has labelled them Base, Lid 1, Lid 2, Crease 1, Crease 2, and Liner.

Maybelline City Mini Downtown Sunrise

Maybelline City Mini Downtown Sunrise
Base, Lid 1, Lid 2, Crease 1, Crease 2, Liner

The “Base” shade is a matte, basic ivory. You almost definitely have a dupe of this somewhere, and it probably performs better than this one. It isn’t as delicately soft as the “Chill Brunch Neutrals” base, but is still super powdery and barely shows up on me. The lid shades consist of a gold and a medium pink, both with gold shimmer. Honestly, these look similar on the lid–there is so much shimmer in the pink that it basically looks gold. They are very good quality, but also easily dupable.

The first crease color is a matte, yellow-y beige. It’s significantly powdery and hard to work with. Okay, the second “crease” shade in the palette is a shimmery, coral pan of perfection. This is STUNNING.  I don’t even like colors like this; I have no interest in any iteration of the oft-coveted “Sweet Peach” palettes. I hate anything even resembling orange, and this color would fall into that category in my opinion. Despite my devoutly cool-toned heart, I gasped when I swatched this–it’s so pretty!!!! The base coral color is very rich, and is accentuated by a healthy dose of gold shimmer that gives this color incredible dimension. It’s also creamy yet super pigmented. If you’re into these kinds of colors, I would 100% recommend buying this palette just for this one. Seriously, it’s that pretty.  A basic dark brown rounds out the palette as a “liner” shade. This guy looks shimmery in the pan, but is actually a sneaky matte–the “liner” shade in the “Chill Brunch Neutrals” palette was similarly deceptive!

I’m sensing a trend with Maybelline’s City Minis palettes: three gorgeous, perfect, pigmented shimmers, two decent-ish mattes, and one borderline unusable base shade. The medium and dark mattes do okay with a primer, but the light “base” shades in both palettes are too powdery and essentially invisible. These palettes are cheap enough that I would recommend them anyway, especially with a coupon or sale–the shimmery shades are truly divine.

Have you bought any of the City Minis? How are you liking them?

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